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Personal and General Insurance

Need insurance for your cars, boat and assets?  What about personal insurance for you and your family?  Intellichoice provides all major lines of general insurance cover for personal and general risk throughout Australia. We believe that our success is built on the expertise of our team and product partners. We are commited to continually  developing our ability to deliver a broad competitive product range and high levels of service.  For risk management and insurance advice,   

  • Insurances we provide include:
  • boat insurance
  • car insurance
  • owner builders insurance
  • home and contents insurance
  • life insurance


Comprehensive Car Cover

You or anyone you authorise to drive your car will be covered for loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by an event in the period of insurance. This includes loss or damage to your car caused by another party, whether they are insured or not, fire, theft or attempted theft, storm, hail or flood, vandalism or malicious acts.

Fire, theft  cover

We can source great fire and theft insurance.

Comprehensive Car Cover

Takes care of your vehicle and the one/s involved in your accident.

Before taking out any insurance policy, it is important to read through the appropriate product and disclosure statement. Through an alliance with one of their trusted partners, Intellichoice is able to provide you with some of the best insurance covers on the market today.

Speak to the mortgage brokers at Intellichoice at 1300 55 10 45 and let us help you obtain the right insurance cover quickly so you can relax.

Intellichoice also provides the following insurances:

Property & Financial

§  Business Interruption / Consequential Loss- covers loss due to interruption of the business as a result of loss, destruction or damage by an insured peril / risk.

§  Flood - covers loss of or damage to property caused by the inundation of normally dry land by water overflowing from the normal confines of any natural watercourse or lake, whether or not altered or modified, or of any reservoir, canal or dam.

§  Product Contamination - covers loss of revenue, recall costs and expenses resulting from product contamination, either malicious and/or accidental.

§  Accounts Receivable - covers loss due to inability of the insured to collect amounts owing from customers as the direct result of loss of or damage by an insured peril to records of accounts receivable which are contained in the premises.

§  Computer Multi Risks / Computer Breakdown / Business Interruption- covers physical loss or damage, including mechanical or electrical breakdown, to computing equipment and loss due to interruption of the business as a result of loss, destruction or damage by an insured peril / risk.

§  Construction Risks / Liability / Advanced Profits- covers loss, destruction of or damage to contract works and all materials ascribed to the contract whilst in transit and on or adjacent to “the site”.  (Cover applies both during the construction and maintenance periods and is tailored to reflect the particular risks mentioned / applicable to specific contracts).  Also can cover: Legal liabilities for injury to any person(s) and/or damage to any property of third parties arising out of the construction / maintenance operations.

§  Machinery Breakdown - Material Damage - covers sudden and unforseen loss or damage to plant and machinery.

§  Machinery Breakdown - Business Interruption - covers loss from interruption or interference to the business as a result of loss or damage to plant and/or machinery.

§  Spoilage - covers loss of or damage to frozen or chilled stock resulting from the breakdown of refrigeration equipment.

§  Fidelity Guarantee- covers loss of monies, stock or other property as a result of an act of fraud or dishonesty committed by employees.

§  Tax Audit- covers professional fees incurred to comply with tax audit.

§  Trade Debtor Insurance- cover inability to recover debts due to insolvency of customers and/or protracted default of payment for goods sold and delivered.

§  Electronic Computer Crime- covers loss sustained by the insured as a result of fraud perpetrated by anyone other than the insured’s employees through the insured’s computer or electronic computer system.

§  Special Accident (Kidnap, Ransom &Extortion)- covers kidnap and ransom ofmembers of Board of Directors and/or employees including protection for extortion threats of physical damage to premises or property.

§  General Property- covers loss of or damage to portable equipment whilst away from the insured locations.

§  Advanced Profits / Rentals- covers consequential loss of profits / rentals as a result of the delayed completion of a project due to loss, damage or destruction caused by an insured peril / risk.

§  Burglary / Theft- covers loss or damage to insured property as a result of burglary or theft.

§  Corporate Travel- covers baggage, overseas medical expenses, money, personal accident whilst travelling on the business of the insured.  This policy is often purchased on an annual basis with the insured client as beneficiary.

§  Crop (Growing)- covers loss, destruction or damage to crops from an insured peril.

§  Customers and Payments Bonds- covers liability under the Customers and/or Excise Act as amended.

§  Export Credit / Political Risks- covers losses caused by contract repudiation export licence cancellation or currency inconvertibility preventing the transfer of payments made under a contract; insolvency of an overseas customer, confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, requisition, destruction or deprivation by actions of governments or local authorities of countries in which the insured may trade.

§  Fine Art Risk- covers loss of or damage to fine art and curios whilst on display, exhibition or in transit.

§  Forged Share Transfer- covers loss as a result of the fraudulent issue of share documents arising out of the operation of a Share Register.

§  Fire & Perils / Industrial Special Risks- cover loss / damage to insured property as a result of fire and/or extraneous perils and/or other risks (Industrial Special Risks).

§  Credit - covers losses due to insolvency of the insured or customers with whom the insured deals.

§  Container Liability- covers contractual liability for loss of / or damage to hired / leased containers and additional costs incurred.

§  Contract Bonding / Contract Guarantees- cover financial loss arising from the failure of parties to a contract to fulfil their contractual obligations.

§  Householders- covers domestic dwellings and contents against fire and other perils including theft and personal liability.

§  Special Risks- covers loss or damage to specified personal jewellery or valuables.  This cover is usually placed in conjunction with householders insurance.

§  Insurance of Contract Penalties / Liquidated Damages- coverspenalties under contract for delay in completion of a contract on schedule.

§  Keyman- covers a specified amount following the death / disablement of selected key staff.  This cover should be purchased where the loss of key personnel may result in loss of market confidence, significant cost of employee replacement, short term cash flow difficulties, debt settlements, etc.

§  Livestock - covers death or illness to specified livestock.

§  Loss of Hire / Standby Charges- covers loss of anticipated freight charges / income as a result of vessel being out of service.

§  Marine Hull- covers the loss of specified vessels or craft as a result of an insured peril.

§  Marine - Overseas - covers loss of and/or damage to goods and/or merchandise whilst in transit to and from Australia.

§  Manufacturers Output / Sellers Contingency / StockThroughput- covers loss of and/or damage to stock from purchase as raw materials through manufacture and transit / shipment to final destination.  This cover is often termed as “Cradle to Grave”.  Sellers Contingency protects exporters when goods are destroyed or damaged as a result of the buyer not paying for the goods.

§  Money- covers loss of money and negotiable instruments.

§  Mortgage and Lease Guarantee- covers financial loss as a result of default by the borrower.

§  Motor Vehicle- covers loss or damage to motor vehicle and legal liability to third parties arising out of the use of motor vehicle.

§  Operator’s Extra Expense (Control of Well)- covers expenses incurred in bringing under control an oil/gas well.  Can include expenses such as seepage and pollution clean up costs, re-drilling expenses, etc.

§  Seismic Steamer Insurance- covers seismic survey equipment off shore against loss or damage by insured perils.

§  Seismic Tape Insurance- covers loss or damage to seismic tapes during transit, processing or storage.



Liability at law for:

§  Professional Indemnity / Errors & Omissions- covers legal liability to compensate third parties for loss sustained by them arising out of negligent acts, errors or omissions on the part of the insured in the conduct of their business.

§  Product Performance Guarantee- covers legal liability either at law or under guarantee to repair or replace defective products made, sold or distributed by the insured.

§  Domestic Workers’ Compensation- covers costs associated with compensating a person who may be injured whilst doing paid domestic duties.

§  Workers’ Compensation- covers legal liability under the respective State / Territory Acts and at common law for injury sustained by employees in the course of their employment Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory NOTE that state government controlled Workers’ Compensation schemes operate in: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia.

§  Extra Territorial- covers legal liability to employees (acting in a managerial, clerical, administrative or sales capacity) whose normal place of employment is within any of the States or Territories of Australia (State of Domicile) where the insured maintains Workers’ Compensation Insurance whilst such employees are temporarily working elsewhere than in the “State of Domicile”.

§  Environmental Impairment (EIL)- covers legal liability for personal injury or property damage caused by non-sudden or long term pollution.  This policy also covers the insured for legal costs and the costs of removing, rendering harmless or cleaning up any substance which has caused or would cause environmental damage.

§  Airport Operator’s Liability- covers third party liability which arises out of the ownership, maintenance or operation of registered aircraft landing areas.

§  Directors’ & Officers’ Liability- covers Directors’ or Officers’ for their legal liability for wrongful acts committed whilst acting in their capacity as a Director / Officer.

§  Company Reimbursement- will reimburse the Company for payments it is legally entitled or obliged to make in indemnifying Directors or Officers for claims made against them whilst acting in their capacity as Directors or Officers It will not reimburse the Company for claims made against the Company.

§  Economic Loss- covers liability to third parties for financial loss arising from personal injury or property damage.  Limited cover can be purchased in various forms including Product. guarantee and Professional Indemnity insurance, but in general, cover is difficult to obtain.

§  Libel & Slander / Defamation- indemnifies insured against claims for libel and slander by any person provided that such claims arise out of the occupation and conduct of the insured.

§  Legal Defence Costs- covers expenses in either pursuing or defending an action arising from disputes with customers or suppliers for the sale, purchase, hire or supply of goods or services or in defending  any criminal prosecution made against the Company, its Directors or employees.

§  Products Liability- covers legal liability for bodily injury and damage to property caused by any products sold or supplied by the insured.

§  Public Liability- covers legal liability for bodily injury and damage to property occurring in connection with the business.

§  Product Recall- covers legal liability for all costs, expenses and damages for withdrawal or recall of goods or products because of any known or suspected defect or deficiency therein.

§  Take-over Indemnity Warranty- covers expenses incurred arising from a successful defence against a hostile take-over bid or similar action proposed to acquire control of the Company.

§  Taxation Audit Expenses- covers professional fees charged by an accountant in connection with a Taxation Office audit, including costs in obtaining expert advice.

§  Trustees Liability- protects the Trustee’s for claims that may be brought against them arising out of the work performed in their capacity as Trustee’s to the Fund.


§  Umbrella (Difference in Conditions) Liability - similar cover to Public / Products Liability except that cover is expanded to extend over under-lying motor vehicle, workers compensation liability and other liability policies as agreed.


Marine and Aviations Risks

Loss of or damage to:

§  Marine Hull- covers commercial vessels or private pleasurecraft.

§  Aircraft Hull- covers commercial or private aircraft Liability at law:

§  Protection & Indemnity- covers the insured’s liability to third parties as a result of ownership of a vessel / craft.

§  Non-Owned Aviation Liability- covers legal liability to third parties (including passengers) for accidental death, bodily injury or damage to third party property caused by an aircraft or by any person or object falling from an aircraft not owned by the insured but which they charter, hire or use with the permission of the owner, only whilst such aircraft is in the care, custody or control of the insured.

§  Charters Legal Liability- covers insured’s legal liability to owner of a chartered vessel and/or to third parties arising out of the signing of a charter party agreement.


Employee Benefits

§  Disability - covers insured persons for permanent or temporary disablement as a result of accident or sickness, where such persons are unable to perform the major portion of their normal occupation - various covers such as Keyman, Salary Continuance etc are available.

§  Expatriate Health Care- covers Medical, Hospital, Dental, Optical and Ancillary expenses for Expatriates living overseas and in Australia whilst on temporary visits.

§  Group Personal Accident- covers a nominated group of individuals for a specified benefit against loss of limbs and disablement.  The benefits are payable to the company or association purchasing the cover.

§  Personal Accident / Illness - covers insured persons for accidental death, permanent or temporary disablement as a result of accident or sickness.  Benefits are payable as a lump sum for death or permanent or temporary disablement as a result of accident or sickness.  Benefits are payable as a lump sum for death or permanent injury and weekly benefits are payable for temporary disablement up to 100% of normal weekly earnings.

§  Life Assurance - covers an individual against death by any cause with the exception of suicide, subject to certain time constraints.

§  Salary Continuance - covers for a specified period of time, up to 100% of salary of an employee or self employed individual who cannot work because of a prolonged disability arising from accident and/or sickness.

§  Voluntary Group Accident Schemes- covers employees by way of a payroll deduction scheme, for death or disablement as a result of an accident.  Cover also provided for an in-hospital cash benefit.

§  Health Care Plans - covers employee and their families for reimbursement of health and dental charges incurred in addition to those reimbursed by Medicare.