Find a Bad Credit Home Loan

If you can't get a home loan because you don't fit traditional lending criteria, you're not alone. The mortgage brokers at Intellichoice can assist with bad credit home loans for people with bad credit history or self employed people.

In Australia, approximately 1 in 5 people are unable to obtain credit from a traditional mortgage lender. Often, this is through no fault of their own. The level of impairment can range from arrears to bankruptcy, difficulty in meeting monthly commitments due to lack of work, suffering from an unexpected business loss or having a difference of opinion with a former credit provider.

We understand that every client is different and come from a variety of backgrounds that might not fit the mould of traditional mortgage lenders and have available a range of bad credit home loans to cater to your needs.

We can assist with a bad credit home loan as well as non conforming home loans and low doc home loans for:

• People with defaults to get a home loan or mortgage loan

• Discharged bankrupts and judgements

• People in casual employment to get a home loan or mortgage loan

• People with part time employment with multiple jobs to get a home loan

People who are self employed with no financials with a low doc home loan.

• People who have been declined multiple times without a reason

Advantages of bad credit home loans

• Gives you the opportunity to improve your credit rating

• Gives you the opportunity to service a new loan which helps you get back on track to achieveing your goals or reduce debt

• Non judgemental lending rules with more flexibility

Disadvantages of a bad credit home loan

• Interest rates will be higher than a standard home loan

• You may require a larger than normal deposit

If you have bad credit or poor credit history and you are interested in purchasing or refinancing a home, speak to one of the mortgage brokers at Intellichoice on 1300 55 10 45 about bad credit home loans. We aim to help people who have difficulty qualifying for traditional mortgage loans achieve their financial goals and secure the funds they need to buy a house, an investment property, car or even grow their business.